The 2020 Ohio LSAMP Conference

The Future is STEM: Diversifying the Leadership Pipeline

In an effort to keep our communities safe and following university coronavirus (COVID-19) protocols, the 2020 Ohio LSAMP Conference were moved online.

The 2020 Ohio LSAMP Conference, The Future is STEM: Diversifying the Leadership Pipeline, was held Friday, November 13, 2020 from 10:00am - 12:00pm. Eight LSAMP Scholars presented and more than 55 faculty, staff, and students attended the virtual event and provded feedback on their work.

2020 Virtual Research Symposium Presenters:

  • Michael Foy Armstead (Columbus State Community College / The Ohio State University)
    • Title: "Enhancing Force Spectroscopy of Sincle Milecoules"
  • Tamia Coleman (Central State University)
    • Title: "A Framework to Assess the Impacts of Renewable Energy Technology (FAIRET)"
  • Ambar Alvarez-Garcia (University of Cincinnati)
    • Title: “Large-Scale Experimental Testing of Concrete Components”
  • Hope Kirby (Miami University)
    • Title: “Catalase Activity is a Light-Regulated Virulence Factor in the Human Pathogen Acinetobacter Baumannii”
  • Anna Grondolsky (The Ohio State University)
    • Title: “Building an Efficient Reversible Fuel Cell Stack for Use as a Backup Power Source”
  • Doria Lee (Central State University)
    • Title: “Schrodinger (Time-Dependent) Wave Equation”
  • Sidney Smith (The Ohio State University)
    • Title: “Repurposing FDA Approved Drugs as Therapeutic Solutions to Sickle Cell Disease”
  • A. Darnell Williams (Wright State University)
    • Title: “Characterizing the Interindividual Variability Present In TMS-Evoked fMRI Responses Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging”