Mathematics Curriculum Reform Task Force

The Mathematics Curriculum Reform Task Force is made up of members of the faculty and staff of partner institutions who are interested in co-requisite remediation and curriculum reform in mathematics, understand the importance of proficiency in mathematics to persistence in STEM programs, and have expertise in mathematics curriculum and education. 


The Mathematics Curriculum Reform Task Force will guide the process of mathematics curriculum reform throughout The Ohio LSAMP Alliance.


The Ohio LSAMP Alliance has implemented and will evaluate several forms of co-requisite remediation in mathematics: mathematics for STEM applications courses, use of Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) and other mathematics courses in bridge/early arrival programs, use of STEM Peer Teachers (SPTs), and multiple forms of supplemental instruction in mathematics.  

Mathematics for STEM Applications Course

This course will be designed by a team of faculty at Miami University, led by Dr. Olga Brezhneva, in summer 2019 and piloted there in autumn 2019.  It will provide a comprehensive introduction to applications of mathematics in physics, biology, chemistry and other areas of natural science. It will be evaluated and revised and re-taught at Miami University in autumn 2020. The Miami University Discovery Center for Evaluation, Research, and Professional Learning will use both formative and summative evaluation of the course to determine its impact and guide improvements. A mathematics self-efficacy tool developed at Wright State University will evaluate the effectiveness of the course on improving self-efficacy, which impacts persistence in STEM.  Alliance-wide implementation of the course as a general education course will begin in autumn 2021.