Olivier Uwamahoro

My name is Olivier Uwamahoro; I joined LSAMP at Sinclair Community College. I graduated last year with an associate degree in science, and now I am at Wright State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. At Sinclair, I was doing good with classes but was busy studying and working full time, and I thought I didn’t have time to join any group until my roommate explained the benefits of joining LSAMP and other groups.

I got more benefits from LSAMP; I had Jarrett Dickey as my advisor; he was helpful. I also had Dr. Gigliotti, who helped me get summer research at the University of Dayton; unfortunately, it was in Covid19 and canceled. The fantastic benefit I received is that I applied for the scholarship the two previous semesters before joining LSAMP, but I didn’t get one. Still, with the recommendation letters from the project manager Carol Bonner, I received more than two scholarships.

We all know how books are expensive, I didn’t qualify for financial aid, and I couldn’t afford those books until one LSAMP team helped me get them. Lastly, they give you a form to sign for all activities you attend to earn money. That money helped me a lot.

Thank you, LSAMP team; because of you, my future shines bright! I appreciate your help and time.

God bless you,
Olivier Uwamahoro