Community College Pathways Task Force

The Community College Task Force consists of the site program coordinators from the community colleges of The Ohio LSAMP Alliance. Staff and faculty from both the two-year and four-year institutions involved in transfer services, articulation agreements, and undergraduate admissions are critical to the success of the objectives of this task force.


  • Foster a partnership among institutions that results in collaborative, effective, and sustainable programming

  • Facilitate infrastructural, instructional, and curricular reform to smooth transitions from community colleges to four-year institutions

  • Develop a Transfer Readiness Assessment (TRA) to direct students along individualized, goal-oriented paths

  • Assure that transferred students are connected with appropriate LSAMP programming


The Community College Task Force determines strategies and their implementation for improving URM STEM pathways from two-year to four-year institutions. These strategies include:

  • Collaborative programming between two-year and four-year institutions

  • Use of the Transfer Planning Tool at partner community colleges

  • Transfer readiness assessment research

  • Smoothing transitions between two-year and four-year institutions

  • Collaborations with the Ohio Department of Higher Education, particularly the Ohio Guarantee Transfer Program

  • Collaborations with the Ohio Transfer Council