Steering Committee

The Ohio LSAMP Alliance Steering Committee is appointed by the provosts and oversees and provides intellectual leadership for the STEM-related activities of the Alliance. The committee recommends policy, establishes priorities, reviews and evaluates ongoing programs, and fosters new initiatives.

Committee Members

Dr. Alton Johnson
Dean of the College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture

Dr. Ramanitharan Kandiah
Professor of Environmental Engineering

Douglas Bowling
Dean, Center for Innovative Technologies

Kim McMillan
Assistant Dean – Center for Innovative Technologies

Dr. Susan Carver

Dr. John Holcomb
Associate Dean and Professor, College of Sciences and Health Professions

Christine Morscher
LSAMP Program Coordinator

Dr. Ormond Brathwaite
Associate Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Dr. Ruey Bruce
Professor of Chemistry

Lisa Schneider
Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences

Dr. James Kiper
Professor and Chair, Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Dr. Steve Wright
Associate Dean, College of Arts and Science

Dr. Cari Gigliotti
Chemistry Professor

Dr. Anthony Ponder
Dean, Science, Mathematics and Engineering

Dr. David Tomasko
Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Dr. Thomas Mitchell
Professor and Chair in Department of Plant Pathology

Kenneth Simonson
Director, Minority Engineering Program

Carol Tongue Mack
Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Affairs and Advising

Dr. David Goldstein
Professor and Chair, Biological Sciences

Dr. Nathan Klingbeil
Dean, College of Engineering and Computer Science